Xbox Game Pass Leaks New Subscription Tier

The latest Xbox Game Pass leak seemingly confirms that Microsoft is planning to introduce a new tier for the subscription service.

At the time of this writing, it’s possible for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to share their subscription with one other person by making that individual’s console their “home” Xbox. It works the same way as game-sharing, but now it seems that there may be a more straightforward way to share one’s Xbox Game Pass benefits.

In select regions, Microsoft has started testing an Xbox Game Pass family plan that lets users share their subscription with up to four others. It seems as though Microsoft may be moving forward with plans to expand the Xbox Game Pass family plan to more users, as an official name and logo for the service has leaked online. As shared by Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter, it looks like the Xbox Game Pass family plan is officially going to be called Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family.


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We don’t know when exactly the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family service will be available to all Xbox gamers, and it’s also unclear exactly how much it will cost. One has to imagine that the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan will cost more than a standard Game Pass subscription, but again, pricing information is currently unavailable. If Microsoft is really gearing up to launch the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family tier, one has to imagine that an announcement will come in the relatively near future since the logo leaked.

An Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan has an immediate obvious benefit for Microsoft. It will potentially get Xbox Game Pass in the hands of more people who would otherwise not be willing to sign up for the service. In turn, this opens the door for these people to play games on Xbox Game Pass, and those same individuals may be tempted to buy the games they like to keep. After all, games are removed from Xbox Game Pass on a regular basis, and it stands to reason that some potential new Game Pass users will find games they’d want to keep for their digital libraries.

This could also tie in to Microsoft’s plans to bring Game Pass to more platforms than just Xbox consoles. Someone without an Xbox console could still potentially benefit from being part of an Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan because they could play the games on their phones thanks to Xbox’s cloud services. Finer details like this have not been explained just yet, though, so fans should stand by for more info.

It’s possible the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan will be a new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perk, but that remains to be seen. It would certainly sweeten the pot quite a bit and could very well convince those who have yet to upgrade their Game Pass plan to opt for the higher tier, but it’s also possible that Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family will be something completely separate. Hopefully Microsoft offers more clarification sooner rather than later so Game Pass subscribers don’t have to speculate about what Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family has in store.

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