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Wholesome Games 2022 Recap

The Wholesome Games Direct delivers announcements of the coziest, most wholesome games to cuddle up to. And the June 11 direct did not disappoint. The Wholesome Games Direct upped their game this year by bringing us a whopping 94 games to look forward to. Find the full list below, as well as some highlights from the showcase. 


The Wandering Village

Brought to you from Stray Fawn Studios, The Wandering Village is a city building simulation game with a twist. In an effort to escape the toxic ground of their world, a group of people seek shelter on the back of a giant wandering beast named ‘Onbu’. Here, you can develop a relationship with the creature as you develop your village in order to gain it’s trust and influence it’s actions. The Wandering Village will be coming to Xbox Series X, and PC in Q3 2022. 

PuffPals Island Skies 

PuffPals Island Skies is a wholesome life simulation game that has big, anime Animal Crossing energy. The trailer showed a wide range of adorable customisation options for your avatar, as well as your home. So, you can fully express your creativity and make your own space to get lost in. It has all of your favourite sim elements, including farming, adorable villagers, and breathtaking exploration areas. PuffPals Island Skies looks like the kind of game you could start playing, only to look up a couple of moments later and realise a whole year has passed. It will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile. A release date is yet to be confirmed. 


Play as a humble bear, armed with an axe as he attempts to take on the advancement of industrialism. Use the machinery you have laid waste to with your axe to upgrade it, allowing you to destroy even bigger machines. Save fellow forest critters, and terrorise humans who have wandered into your home in this casual indie game. LumbearJack is available now on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox.

Mail Time

Mail Time is a cottagecore indie game from Freedom Games about delivering mail to forest animals. Mail Time has an absolutely breathtaking art style, autumnal colour palette, and wholesome storyline that makes us cozy just thinking about it. You can begin your adventure as an adorable mushroom, helping out the forest in Q4 2022. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

Potion Permit

Use your alchemy skills to cure the residents of Moonbury of their ailments in Potion Permit. This charming RPG is fully realised in a nostalgic pixel artstyle, and cozy atmosphere. Here, you can collect ingredients, and brew potions to cure the townsfolk of their diseases. Potion Permit has an aura of magic and charm about it that definitely earns it’s place in the Wholesome Games Direct. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC in 2022. 

Chicken Journey

Chicken Journey is a relaxing, indie adventure game with no combat. Peck your way through puzzles, and flap your way through the forest with some light, platforming action. Chicken Journey has a charming pixel art style, and featured some of the most vibrant, and breathtaking scenery of the whole showcase. Also, chickens. Nintendo Switch, and PC gamers can look forward to this adorable adventure in Q4 2022. 

Tiny Witch

Tiny Witch appears to be a combination of Overcooked and Stardew Valley, and that is a combination we are certainly here for. Create ‘minions’ for customers in this fast-paced management game. But don’t take too long, or your customers will start hurling projectiles at you. Tiny Witch will be coming to PC, and consoles on September 1, 2022. 

Full List of Game Announcements 

  • 30 Birds (consoles, PC) – TBA
  • Bilkins’ Folly (PC) – TBA
  • Bloom (Playdate) – Available now
  • Bubblegum Galaxy (consoles, PC) – 2023
  • Calico Pawsome Update (Switch, PC) – Q3 2022
  • Chicken Journey (Switch, PC) – Q4 2022
  • Coffee Talk Episode 2 (consoles, PC) – 2023
  • The Courier (Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC) – Q3 2022
  • Critter Crops (Switch, PC) – 2023
  • DokiToki: Time Slows Down When You’re in Love (PC) – 2023
  • Dordogne (Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC) – 2023
  • Fall of Porcupine (PC) – TBA
  • Feed all Monsters (PC) – 2022
  • Flore (TBA) – TBA
  • Freeride (Switch, PC) – 2023
  • Freshly Frosted (PC) – Available now
  • A Frogs Tale (PC) – 2023
  • Frogun (Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC) – 2022
  • Garden In! (PC) – 2022
  • The Garden Path (Switch, PC) – Later in 2022
  • Garden Witch Life (consoles, PC) – TBA
  • Gaucho and the Grassland (consoles, PC) – Q4 2022
  • Hamster on Rails (consoles, PC) – TBA
  • Harmony’s Odyssey (Switch, PC, TBA) – Q3 2022
  • Hello Goodboy (PC) – 2023
  • Here Comes Niko free DLC (Switch, PC) – 2022
  • How to Say Goodbye (PC) – Q3 2022
  • The Hundred Year Kingdom (Switch, PC) – Available now
  • Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim (PC) – Q2 2022
  • Kitori Academy (consoles, PC) – TBA
  • Kity Builder (consoles, PC) – Q4 2022
  • Kokopa’s Atlas (TBA) – 2023
  • Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo (Switch, PC) – 2024
  • The Last Clockwinder (PC, Quest 2) – Available now
  • Lemon Cake (consoles, PC) – Q4 2022
  • Lil Gator Game (Switch, PC) – 2022
  • Little Bear Chef (consoles, PC) – 2023
  • A Little to the Left (Switch, PC, mobile) – Q4 2022
  • Lonesome Village (Switch, Xbox, PC) – 2022
  • Lost Twins 2 (consoles, PC) – Q4 2022
  • Love, Ghostie (PC) – TBA
  • Lovebirb (PC) – Q4 2022
  • LumbearJack (Switch, Xbox, PC) – Available now, out on the Xbox systems on June 14, 2022
  • Mail Time (Switch, PC) – Q4 2022
  • Melatonin (Switch, PC) – September 16, 2022
  • Melodyssey (PC) – 2023
  • Mika and the Witch’s Mountain (consoles, PC) – Q1 2023
  • Moonstone Island (consoles, PC) – 2023
  • Oddada (PC) – TBA
  • Olliefrog Toad Skater (TBA) – 2023
  • Ooblets (Switch, Xbox, PC) – Q3 2022
  • Ova Magica (consoles, PC) – 2023
  • Paper Animal RPG (Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC) – TBA
  • Paper Trail (Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, mobile) – Q1 2023
  • PaperKlay (consoles, PC) – TBA
  • Paradise Marsh (Switch, Xbox, PC) – Q3 2022
  • Passpartout 2 (PC) – TBA
  • Pekoe (PC) – 2023
  • Petit Island (consoles, PC) – TBA
  • Pine Hearts (Switch, PC) – Q1 2023
  • Pixelshire (consoles, PC) – 2023
  • Potion Permit (Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC) – 2022
  • Potion Prodigy (PC) – Available now, demo out
  • Princess Farmer DLC (Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC) – TBA
  • Puffpals Island Skies (Switch, PC, mobile) – TBA
  • Puzzles for Clef (Switch, PC) – 2023
  • San Zoolin (consoles, PC) – 2024
  • Schim (consoles, PC) – TBA
  • Seal World (PC) – Available now
  • Skatebird new free content (Switch, Xbox, PC) – Available now
  • Skye Tales (Consoles) – 2022
  • Snacko (Switch, PS4, PS5, PC) – 2022
  • Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley (consoles, PC) – 2023
  • Soulitaire (Switch, PC, mobile) – TBA
  • The Spirit and the Mouse (Switch, PC) – 2022
  • Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 to (PC) – 2023
  • Star Stuff (PC) – 2023
  • Super Mini Mart (consoles, PC) – 2023
  • Terra Nil (PC) – 2023
  • Tiny Witch (consoles, PC) – September 1, 2022
  • Togges (consoles, PC) – Q3 2022
  • Toroa (consoles) – TBA
  • Townseek (PC) – Q1 2023
  • Tracks of Thought (PC) – 2023
  • Usagi Shima (PC, mobile) – TBA
  • A Walk with Yiayia (Switch, PC) – August 20, 2022
  • The Wandering Village (Xbox Series X, PC) – Q3 2022
  • We are OFK (Switch, PS4, PS5, PC) – Q3 2022
  • Wholesome: Out and About (Switch, Xbox Series X, PC) – 2023
  • With You (PC) – Available now


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