Was Tigerlily Cooley Bullied Off Love Island USA?

Tigerlily Cooley has come forth and claimed she was bullied off Love island USA for a multitude of reasons. She is a multifaceted talent who models and makes pop music and is a CEO of a marketing agency. But she claims she was introduced to the show during its toughest time. That time was the transition between CBS and Peacock. She also says dropping in during the Casa Amor portion of the show didn’t help her chances at all. If you know, then you know. But what she actually bullied off the show, or was it a perfect storm of things?

Honestly, it comes down to perspective as well. Maybe from her side of things, that is genuinely how it felt. But to the same degree, pulling the victim card seems to be the go-to for reality TV stars.

Was Tigerlily Cooley Bullied Off Love Island USA?

“Hundreds of people have been asking why Tigerlily disappeared on Love Island and I feel it’s only fair to the public to address my experience during Casa Amor, to the extent I am allowed to disclose. #loveislandusa #loveisland #peacocktv #aapi pic.twitter.com/iNOHgECZmL

— Tigerlily Cooley (@tigerdelflor) August 27, 2022″

Via Screenrant:

“On Twitter, Tigerlily Cooley claimed that she did not have much screen time because she was bullied by her peers. In her post, she said she was excited to get to know an islander but was uncomfortable with his sexual advances. She refused his advances and felt that this caused other islanders to spread rumors about her. Tigerlily alleged to her followers that she was segregated from others and did not have screen time despite her connection with another person, saying it was “unfair” that the islander got to stay while she was “bullied off the show.”

So at the end of the day, do you think Tigerlily Cooley has been bullied off Love Island USA? Or do you think she is pulling the victim card because it didn’t go the way she had hoped? Sometimes it can be incredibly hard for people to hold themselves accountable. Take to our comments and let us know your opinion!

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