Tower of Fantasy Update 2.0 – Vera, Mirroria, More!

Hotta Studios may have just launched the supposed Genshin Impact-killer, but Tower of Fantasy update 2.0 is hot on its heels. It takes the form of a full blown expansion, complete with a massive new region to explore, alongside more mounts, monsters, weapons, and more. If you love what you’ve played so far, this expansion will enormously appeal.

Tower of Fantasy is a brand new open world gacha RPG that features a ton of characters to collect, a huge world to explore that’s full of secrets to unlock, and a surprisingly engaging story to uncover. If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact, you’ll have a wonderful time with Tower of Fantasy.

You can learn more about Tower of Fantasy on the official site. We’ve covered the game extensively since launch. Make sure to grab the free goodies in our Tower of Fantasy codes, learn what the best characters are in our Tower of Fantasy tier list, and check out the new character, Tower of Fantasy Frigg, coming soon.

Tower of Fantasy Update 2.0

We’ll break down the specific features in more depth below, but here’s a list of everything that’s coming in Tower of Fantasy 2.0:

  • New area – Vera
  • Desert Gobby explorable area
  • Cyberpunk city of Mirroria
  • Instances
  • Raids
  • Legendary bosses
  • Missions
  • Events
  • Rewards
  • Mounts
  • Weapons
  • Monsters

Tower of Fantasy Vera Area

Vera is the headline feature of this expansion, and takes the form of a massive new explorable  region. It’s broken up into two separate hubs, with The Desert Gobby being the explorable area. This irradiated wilderness features a new biome, monsters to challenge, instances and raids to conquer, and legendary bosses. Basically, it’s got everything you want from an explorable area in Tower of Fantasy.

The other side of Vera features a brand new city, the cyperpunk-themed Mirroria. Little is known about this location at this point, other than that most of Vera’s inhabitants dwell there, as The Desert Gobby is uninhabitable due to its climate and the intense radiation levels.

What Else Is New?

Aside from the new explorable area, there’s also the usual suspects, including new mounts, weapons, and more. That’s all we know for sure though – check out the sneak peak below to see what else there is.

And that will do it for our Tower of Fantasy update guide. Make sure to grab it via the links at the top of this page, check out our other guides linked in the third paragraph, and bookmark this page and check back daily for more solutions.

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