Total War’s Creative Assembly Announces New Third-Person Action Game

Creative Assembly, the studio behind the Total War series of strategy games, is moving out of its comfort zone and into third-person action territory with its new game. The project was announced on the studio’s official website earlier today but there’s not much to be gleaned from the announcement except that it’s being developed using Unreal Engine 5 and that the studio is also working on other titles.

“Creative Assembly confirm development of an action project that will establish a new franchise as part of their growing portfolio,” the studio wrote. “This new action title will sit alongside Total War, Hyenas and the studio’s other yet-to-be announced project.”

The studio is currently hiring developers to work on the mysterious new title with preference being given to designers, programmers, technical artists, and animators with experience working on third-person games.

The announcement concludes by reassuring Total War fans that they won’t be abandoning the franchise. Their subsidiary, Creative Assembly Sofia, will continue to house a team dedicated to working on new Total War releases.

Creative Assembly is also working on a new multiplayer shooter called Hyenas that promises fast-paced battles, zero-G battles, and “epic merch.” Signups for the upcoming alpha tests are now being accepted on the Hyenas official site.

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