There may never be another Crysis moment for PC gaming

You must forgive PC gamers for banging on about Crysis all the time—it feels like an age since a game came along like it that was so impossible to run on existing PC hardware that graphics cards actually had to be redesigned to cater for it. But we have had a few close run-ins with impossibly demanding games these past few years, and that’s got me wondering which will be the next game to grind our PCs to a halt with their obnoxiously demanding system requirements?

If you simply ask for a list of the games primed to show off your all-singing all-dancing rig at the moment, we’ve got you covered there with our list of the best games to show off your new graphics card (opens in new tab). Rather, I want to look forward to what’s coming and whether we’ll ever reach that Crysis point ever again, as I’m not yet convinced we will.

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