The Zeniths summer cosmography quest shows the MMO angles of the game VR Game of the Year

After the half-final of the month of September, the summer season should not end in Zenith, especially since the event quest which has given the players a set of summer-themed cosmetics has now officially gone live.

This new set of Sunshine clothes can be bought with Sunshine Coins. They are earned by completing Challenge and Daily quests. The patch that offers this cosmetics also applies some bug fixes and launches a few quality-of-life update, all of which are detailed in the above mentioned notes.

In Zenith news, the game was named finalists for the VR Game of the Year in the 2022 edition of the VR Awards. The MMO faces fairly stiff competition in this category, with among the other finalists I Expect You to Die, Resident Evil 4 and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxys Edge. The game can be voted for honor for those who strongly believe that the title gets nod.

Good news everyone, Minor Patch 1.1.9 is coming today. The new Sunshine Cosmetic event quests, bugfixes and improved quality of life awaits!

The server will start at 11:00.

Patch Notes: 4LgKoKq3Qa

Zenith MMO (@Zenith MMO) September 19, 2022.

Sources: official website, VR Awards site.

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