The Most Iconic Anime Shoes

The world of anime is filled with memorable and legendary characters, tales, and magical powers, and fans have the chance to meet even iconic anime librarians. However, anime also inspired fans’ fashion sense, cosplay choices, and even artists who create these clothing items and fun shoes, so viewers can enjoy them in real life.

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Fans can get lost in plenty of anime with awesome world-building and fascinating characters who are truly well-crafted and have their own personal style, even when it comes to shoes. These brilliant characters have some of the most recognizable sneakers, boots, and even flip-flops in the anime universe that keep inspiring fans to create their style and show off their personality.


7 Izuku Midoriya’s shoes My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya’s original red shoes are now one of the most iconic ones in anime that are immediately recognized by millions of fans all over the world. His simple yet memorable shoes quickly became one of the most popular anime cosplay items too, that inspire fans to be determined and work hard even if they don’t have much when they begin their journeys.

My Hero Academia is one of the most imaginative new anime shows with fascinating heroes, including the greatest anime beastmasters, as well as terrifying villains who challenge their powers, bravery, and even their morals.

6 Monkey D. Luffy’s Flip-Flops – One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy’s funny-looking flip-flops are one of the most beloved anime shoes ever created. Luffy is the series’ most popular character, thanks to his many positive attributes, including his surprisingly great fashion sense. While flip-flops might not seem like a perfect choice for a pirate, they seem to be working perfectly for Luffy, who loves wearing them during his adventures.

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One Piece has some of the strongest pirates in anime who are all going on exciting and even deadly adventures. The epic stories center around Luffy, a young pirate who dreams of becoming a Pirate King.

5 Violet’s boots – Violet Evergarden

Violet’s boots are one of the most beautiful and iconic anime shoes ever created. One of the main reasons fans fell in love with the show and Violet is because of its exceptionally beautiful style. The creators truly went the extra mile and created a stunning cinematic experience and a world in which everything is beautifully designed, including Violet’s clothes and her shoes.

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While she wears multiple items during her adventures, her boots are the ones that became the most popular among anime fans and cosplayers. Violet Evergarden follows her story as the young soldier tries to make sense of life and reconnect with herself and the world after a brutal war.

4 Sonic’s Shoes – Sonic X

Sonic’s Shoes are easily one of the most recognized anime shoes all over the world. One of the world’s fastest anime characters also has pretty great shoes that cosplayers and kids love to wear not only on special occasions but even during their everyday adventures.

While Sonic X was adapted from the famous video game series, it became a beloved and popular anime too. Just like in the games, the anime follows Sonic’s adventures when he accidentally gets transported to Earth. Then, he has to collect Chaos Emeralds with his friends, so he can get back home.

3 Chihiro’s Shoes – Spirited Away

Chihiro’s Shoes are one of the most iconic shoes not necessarily because of their unique look but thanks to one of Spirited Away‘s most charming and memorable scenes in which the hard-working Soot Sprites take them away. Her shoes actually have a classic Japanese design and can be easily found online.

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Anime fans and cosplayers love wearing these cute and comfy shoes not only when dressing up but even during schooldays and work hours. Spirited Away follows Chihiro’s adventure as she enters the world of spirits after her parents got transformed into pigs and have to learn the meaning of hard work and self-preservation in order to help them and herself get back home.

2 Usagi’s Boots – Sailor Moon

Not only Usagi’s boots but all of the Sailor Guardian’s shoes are recognized as some of the most iconic anime shoes ever. However, Usagi’s red boots are definitely the ones that all anime viewers and even non-anime fans can easily recognize and even wear for costume parties and cosplay events.

Sailor Moon is a fun and exciting anime with one of the best anime openings, relatable yet magical characters whose job is to protect the world from supernatural evil while they also have to be just normal high school girls.

1 Goku’s Boots – Dragon Ball Z

Goku’s Boots are no doubt the single most iconic anime shoes that are recognized by almost anyone around the planet. He wore pretty much the same things, including his comfy and stylish boots during all of his thrilling and dangerous adventures. His boots are not only one of the most popular cosplay items but one which non-anime fans also love to wear and can be easily found not only in real-life boots versions but also as comfy plush slippers too.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most perfect and beloved anime series with epic stories, great heroes, and recognizable anime villains who all battle against each other and try to collect the magical dragon balls so their greatest desires can come true.

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