Rumor: Need for Speed 2022 Leaked Video Shows Off Cartoon Effects and Reveals New Features

New leaks are circling Reddit showing off new Need for Speed 2022 leaked video and photos. The leaks seemingly confirm that gimmicky cartoon graphics are coming to the franchise, and reveal numerous new features coming to the Need for Speed 2022 game.

Reddit user u/TopRamanNoodl3s first published some leaked photos of the leaked on the Need for Speed page, this was shortly followed by u/AlexKVideos1 leaking the full clip that shows the whole thing in action.

The leaked clip shows off a Bel Air car getting cartoon-like eagle wings and a skull on top of it as it crashed into a monument. The video also appears to be trimmed, implying that the leaked video was originally longer than the 3 seconds we now have.

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Here is a list of features that have supposedly leaked for the next Need for Speed game:

Car culture/gameplay

  • No drag racing

  • No drift events

  • Speedcross returns

  • Upgrade system simplified for the younger audience. Similar to what Forza does (B, A, S), but you can still find numbers.

Car meets

  • Menu based

  • Enter car park. Menu pops up. You scroll through cars and can swap ‘em.

  • You can bet on people and play an event. If you win, you get money. Harder driver? More money

Some story elements

  • Inclusive feel like Heat. Diversity’s a big part of NFS going forward. Strong female/cultural representation in the new game.

  • Intro cutscene is a BMW doing donuts without doors. Has a Latin music flair like Heat

Content / level of support

  • A year at most- heavily dependent on sales and reviews.

  • Initial level of content – ideally, it would be like Heat at launch

Other info

  • For those working on NFS less than half are ex-Ghost or old Criterion. The rest are fresh eyes on the franchise. Basically not the criterion from hp2010 to mw2012 or ghost of rivals-heat.

  • Key goal to grow the audience to a new gen of kids/young NFS fans who grew up on other games with a soft reboot. Expecting older fans will buy it

  • Moving train on the map

  • Game will release this year

It is worth noting that Codemasters have recently confirmed that Criterion Games and the development team at Codemasters Cheshire are currently working together to create a brand new Need for Speed game as of May 2022.

These leaks and rumors remain entirely unconfirmed, leaving the door wide open for speculation regarding their legitimacy. In any case, if the game is truly getting released later this year, it should not be too long until we have confirmation of these new features.

Source: Reddit

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