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The Forger Family will bless our screens with their wholesome interactions now that Spy X Family part 2’s release date has been announced. Yesterday, the official art for the second cour of the Forgers’ adventures was released, alongside the revelation of when Anya and her family will return.

Part 1 ended just before the start of one of the most beloved arcs in the manga series. However, this cour will not only bring this arc to life but will also introduce two fan-favorite characters. Continue reading to learn more about the release of Spy X Family part 2 and what you can expect when the cour comes out.

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The Doggy Crisis arc will air soon with the release of Spy X Family part 2

When will Spy X Family part 2 be released and where can you watch it?

The official art for Spy X Family part 2 (Image via Toho Animation)
The official art for Spy X Family part 2 (Image via Toho Animation)

Yesterday it was revealed that Spy X Family part 2 will be coming out in Japan on October 1, 2022, at around 11:00 pm JST. Below, you will find a list with the mentioned timings of the first episode of this new cour in various regions.

  • Pacific Daylight Time – 08:30 am, October 1st
  • Central Daylight Time – 10:30 am, October 1st
  • Eastern Daylight Time – 11:30 am, October 1st
  • British Summer Time – 04:30 pm, October 1st
  • Central European Summer Time – 05:30 pm, October 1st
  • Indian Standard Time – 09:00 pm, October 1st
  • Philippine Time – 11:30 pm, October 1st
  • Australian Central Daylight Time – 01:00 pm, October 2nd

aw the announcement video for Spy x Family second cour broadcast is so cute Spy x Family returns on October 1st at 23:00 JST! 🙌

Spy X Family part 2 will be released via Crunchyroll for the North American public. Meanwhile, Muse Asia will simulcast the series for Southeast Asian audiences. These are the official streaming services for the series, so we encourage fans to use these platforms to support the official release. If you want to catch up with Anya and her adventures before the release of the second cour, you can do so via these platforms.

What happened in the last episode?

the last spy x family episode (ep 12) of cour 1 airs today!

Spy X Family Episode 12 was a compilation of two different short missions from the manga. The first one involved Loid taking his family to the Berlitz City Aquarium to keep up with the appearance of a normal family. He was expecting to have a relaxing day out after a week of nonstop missions but was dragged into another mission against his will.

The second short mission focused on Anya’s imaginary Spy Agency. This agency was comprised of Anya, Agent Penguinman, and Director Chimera. Anya ignored her parents’ requests to never enter their rooms, which ended with her being scolded and crying. Loid had to bribe her with a bag of peanuts to get her to calm down.

What can you expect from this new cour?

A fanart of Anya with Bond (Image via Reddit user u/Kallehmono)
A fanart of Anya with Bond (Image via Reddit user u/Kallehmono)

Spy X Family part 2 will begin the beloved Doggy Crisis arc that was covered in the manga. This arc will be the introduction of the Forger’s pet, a big, white, fluffy dog named Bond. Like Anya, Bond was part of an experiment that gave him an extra ability. The dog is able to see the future – a gift he normally uses to help people avoid any and all problems.

Anya and Bond will team up to prevent a group of terrorists from starting a new war between Ostania and Westalis. Their adventure is something fans of the manga have been waiting impatiently to see animated, as it is one of the best arcs in the franchise.

Fiona as seen in the manga (Image via Tatsuya Endo/ Shueisha)
Fiona as seen in the manga (Image via Tatsuya Endo/ Shueisha)

Later in the cour, fans will be introduced to Fiona Frost, Loid’s fellow spy and former apprentice. Fiona may look cold and serious on the outside, but this is a front she puts up to hide her real and sometimes obsessive feelings towards Loid.

Spy X Family part 2 will likely cover two arcs from the manga, as was the case with the first cour of the season. With only a few weeks left until the release of this new cour, fans are becoming impatient to see Anya and her family return to their screens.

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