Pokemon Go trainers are desperate for “long overdue” Friends List overhaul

Pokemon Go trainers are campaigning for Niantic to give the friend’s list menu its first overhaul since the game launched back in 2016. 

Niantic’s mobile game has a unique place in the Pokemon franchise. While half of the PoGo experience is a solo augmented-reality monster catcher, the other half of the game requires players to make friends in order to trade ‘mon, send gifts, and tackle raids together.

After five-and-a-half years of updates though, some fans think that the game’s menus have grown far too clunky to navigate, making them frustrating to deal with even for veteran trainers.

Pokemon Go trainers desperate for Friends List overhaul

The Pokemon Go friends listNiantic/The Pokemon Company

Many members of the Pokemon Go community feel like friends list and adjacent menus have become overloaded.

Discussion around a new look for the game’s menu was sparked by Reddit user VanityDestroyer, who proposed their own redesign that highlights easier accessibility for the game’s most common actions, like sending and receiving gifts.

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“After seeing Niantic remove the trade button from a trainer’s profile as a means to disable trading, it has become very apparent that they are more than capable of changing their interface,” they said. “I believe we are long overdue in making the process of sending and opening gifts a smoother user experience.”

Niantic/The Pokemon Company/ValiantDestroyer

ValiantDestroyer’s proposed redesign is just one option for making the list more functional.

When explaining the redesign, they even took the time to point out how Niantic’s other AR game — the Harry Potter universe’s Wizard’s Unite —  already made similar changes.

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Further supporting the idea for a redesign, another commenter explained that even something as small as receiving a gift actively makes the game worse to navigate: “What’s worse is that it becomes part of my muscle memory to exit out of the gift, so if by chance a friend HASN’T sent me a gift, then I often absent-mindedly exit out of the friend page and I have to find that friend and reenter it”

It’s unlikely that Niantic would copy this proposed redesign in a one-to-one fashion, but the community has made it clear that they’re beyond ready for a change.

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