Pokemon Go Is Encouraging Players to Walk with Daily Adventure Incense

Pokemon Go is introducing a new feature to get players out and about called Daily Adventure Incense.

Similar to a standard Incense, this new item causes more Pokemon to spawn for a limited time when activated. However, Daily Adventure Incense lasts for 15 minutes, and it only works while you are actively moving.

Additionally, Daily Adventure Incense doesn’t take up an item slot in your inventory. Once you’ve unlocked the feature by completing a new Special Research story, you’ll be able to activate it once per day, and it will attract some Pokemon not commonly seen in the wild.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic notes there are a few caveats to keep in mind. You cannot use a standard Incense when the Daily Adventure Incense is active, and vice versa. On top of that, if you have less than 30 Poke Balls, Great Balls and Ultra Balls when you activate the Daily Adventure Incense, you’ll receive 30 free Poke Balls to help you capture Pokemon.

Daily Adventure Incense will be rolling out to players “over the next week,” Niantic says.

In other Pokemon Go news, the legendary Pokemon Dialga is back in five-star raids until July 31. The game is also kicking off a Hisuian Discoveries event on July 27 that will introduce several new Hisuian Pokemon. You can see everything going on this month in our July events roundup.

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