Pokemon Go Friends Code List November 2021

Looking for Pokemon Go friends? Our friends code list for November 2021 will provide you a much-welcomed dose of friendly trainers with whom you can battle, trade, and partake in raids. Following last month’s Halloween-themed events, it’s another exciting month in Pokemon Go. To step up your November 2021 experience, check out our Pokemon Go friends code list to unlock even more.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes List for November 2021

Pokemon Go Friends

Below, we’ve compiled some Pokemon Go friend codes from the GameRevolution team:

  • 2743 5127 0347
  • 7019 2299 1976

Feel free to add us to your Pokemon Go friends list! We’ll be there to battle, trade Pokemon, and partake in raids. As Niantic’s Pokedex-filling game is so geared around playing with friends and sharing the experience, it’s crucial to add as many trainers as possible.

It’s always a good time to have lots of Pokemon Go friends. However, November 2021 is shaping up to be a brilliant month for the mobile sensation. Headlining the month is the addition of the Pokemon Dedenne, as part of the Día de Muertos event. This started on November 1 and lasts until November 5, with plenty of special research to complete. There’s a new collection challenge, which will grant you an elusive Shedinja for completing. Certain Pokemon will be appearing more frequently, too. These include Cubone, Sunkern, and Sableye.

Elsewhere, an upcoming event will celebrate the impending release of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Niantic is purposefully coy on what it’ll involve, but a special event will take place from November 16 to November 21. You can bet that Dialga and Palkia will appear in five-star raids, too.

Of course, there’s a monthly Community Day too, where one Pokemon gets the spotlight. This November, it’s Shinx. It will appear much more frequently in wild encounters on November 21.

For even more on Pokemon, we’ve compiled the differences between Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. We’ve also got details on pre-order bonuses.

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