No classic horror film is safe from a videogame adaptation anymore

During Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, the ever-present Geoff Keighley always has a quip or two in his pocket when introducing the games he’s leading in one-by-one for our judgement. I usually let them wash over me, as I do with the Game Awards or the many other pies Keighley has his fingers in, but this time he said something that got my attention. When introducing a new horror title, he chuckled that its reveal was surprising as no one would have thought this film would become the basis for a game.

Enter stage right: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (opens in new tab). I can’t say I’m familiar with this film beyond seeing the name here and there on the internet. It’s a 1988 comedy horror cult classic and, though not considered especially good, its name and legacy live on. Given this, and Keighley’s bemusement before the reveal,  I’ve got to wonder if there are any cult horror films safe from being made into videogames?

Horror films are now maybe the best genre of any art form to transform into a game. Or at least they seem to consistently be the adaptations developers are willing to make in recent years. You get the odd transformation from books and TV like The Witcher games and Telltale’s Game of Thrones, but the only medium I think that rivals horror’s popularity are comic book adaptations and, if I’m honest, I think much of that success comes from Hollywood’s hero rush. Otherwise the horror film to game pipeline is outstripping every other adaptation out there.

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