New Return to Monkey Island clip reunites Guybrush with Murray the skull

Return to Monkey Island (opens in new tab) developer Terrible Toybox has taken to releasing short, weekly clips of the adventure game sequel on what it has dubbed “Monkey Island Mondays” (which are better than Full Throttle Fridays, but not as good as Sam & Max Saturdays). This week’s clip is one of the most substantial so far, providing a glimpse of the game’s inventory system and reuniting Guybrush with pop culture’s second favourite disembodied skull after Yorick.

Posted on Twitter by Dave Grossman, the clip opens with Guybrush skulking through the brush of what looks like Monkey Island itself (the island’s giant stone monkey head is seen in the background), whereupon he encounters Murray impaled on a wooden stake. “How was your trip to Monkey Island?” Guybrush asks. “Damp,” Murray responds.

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