Netflix Celebrates 25 Years With Video of Its History

The way we watch TV and movies has radically changed in the last couple of decades, from renting VHS tapes at Blockbuster to being sent DVDs in the mail to streaming. Now, we have an endless list of streaming services, but that ultimate game-changing company was Netflix, which celebrates its 25 years of changing the game with a video detailing its history. In a quick one-minute and 48-second video (seen below), we get a look at what started with DVDs to be able to watch all sorts of content on any device imaginable, along with a celebration of the hit titles that have graced the platform.

Going back 25 years, Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Their goal for their startup was a new, more convenient way to get people to watch what they wanted. As the internet started to boom and DVDs climbed past VHS tapes, the company came onto the scene to send people DVDs through the mail.

Netflix turns 25 years old and celebrates its history

While it took time, over those 25 years of Netflix, it became the king of how people watch film and TV shows. During its rapid growth, it started killing its competition. By paying only a subscription fee, no late fees, and not having to leave your home, it made the service more appealing than the old leader of home viewing, Blockbuster. By 2007, it changed the landscape once again with streaming.

While the theater is alive, along with DVDs and Blu-rays, streaming is the dominant form of watching a series or a film. That opened the door for services to start their own original content. Netflix found success with all sorts of hits like Bird Box, Stranger Things, Ozark, The Witcher, 13 Reasons Why, Squid Game, Bridgerton, Money Heist, Extraction, Red Notice, Don’t Look Up, and more.

With so many changes in 25 years, Netflix has a lot to look forward to in the future. While it remains on top, its competition has grown stronger. Disney Plus has strong IP with Star Wars and Marvel and its long-standing stronghold in animation with studios like Pixar. HBO has its shakeups currently with Warner Bros. Discovery, but it still has Hacks, Curb Your Enthusiasm, House of the Dragon, Euphoria, and more. Amazon has recently found great success with The Boys, Invincible, Fleabag, and The Expanse.

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