Love All Play Anime Episode 21 New Release Date, Time, Story, Rating, Review, Where To Watch Ep Eng Sub Online

When watching sports anime, you may occasionally feel as though you are in the stadium or on the team, but other times you may feel out of place and a long way from the sport that you may be playing, know the release date of Love All Play anime episode 21 ep eng sub

Love All Play is somewhere in the midst of that spectrum; it is debatably the greatest Badminton-focused anime in recent memory, but it is noticeably underwhelming in terms of production and “wow” moments.

Love All Play Anime Episode 21 New Release Date, Time, Story And Where To Watch Ep Eng Sub Online

Anime shows all across the world are beginning to build up to their various finales as September, the last month of the 2022 Summer schedule, draws nearer.

Love All Play Episode 21 Release Date And Time Rescheduled

On Saturday, August 27th, the globe would have seen the release of Love All Play anime episode 21. However, the 21st episode of the anime series, named “Whirlwind,” has regrettably been postponed, according to the series’ official Twitter page.

The notification did not provide a detailed explanation for the cancellation; it merely stated that “Next week, 8/27, will be closed.” Notably, outbreaks of covid-19 in production companies like Shine Post and Uncle From Another World have caused a number of delays to ongoing anime programs in recent weeks.

It’s good to know that the Love All Play delay won’t last very long because episode 21 will now air on Saturday, September 3rd, according to the announcement post.

Love All Play episode 21 will now be available for global viewing at the following times, per Crunchyroll’s simulcasting schedule:

  • Pacific Time – 3 AM
  • Eastern Time – 6 AM
  • British Time – 11 AM
  • European Time – 12 PM
  • India Time – 3.30 PM
  • Philippine Time – 6 PM
  • Australia Time – 7.30 PM

How Has The Series Been Rated So Far?

Fans’ reactions to Love All Play have been highly divided, and the series seems to have mostly gone unnoticed by the community as a whole. On IMDB, the anime received a 7.4/10 rating, which is a respectable rating for an anime. However, with fewer than 50 ratings, it is clear that not many anime enthusiasts have watched it during the past 20 weeks.

Other user-based feedback websites with comparable ratings include Anime Planet (3.4/5), Anilist (58%) and MyAnimeList (6.26/10), among others. Love All Play has spent 35 weeks on the AniTrendz weekly charts as well, but is presently tied for 40th place and has rarely been able to crack the Top 30 series.

The series “is a very enjoyable Badminton anime, that essentially only addresses playing badminton at a somewhat competitive high school level,” according to the highest-rated review on MAL at the moment. Given the theatrical Hanebado and the dreadfully dull office/badminton Ryman’s club as alternatives, this is actually quite special for a badminton aficionado like myself.

However, it goes on to say that while liking the series, “there’s really nothing that especially sticks out in a good manner. I can’t totally suggest this anime to anyone.”

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