Liz Truss could set out energy plans to ministers on day one in Downing Street

On Friday night, Ms Truss pledged that she would “never let anyone talk us down” if she was elected as the next prime minister, and would “do everything in my power to make sure our great nation succeeds”.

She said: “I believe in a brighter and better future for Britain. I have a bold plan that will grow our economy and deliver higher wages, more security for families and world-class public services.

“I’ll do this by cutting taxes, pushing through supply-side reform and slashing red tape that is holding businesses back.”

However, a poll released on Friday made grim reading for Ms Truss, with only 12 per cent of the public expecting that she would make a good or great prime minister and 52 per cent expecting her to be poor or terrible.

YouGov also found in a separate survey that almost three quarters of the public (74 per cent) put the rise in the cost of living as the top problem they think the new prime minister should be focusing on.

The economy ranks as the second-placed priority, with almost half (47 per cent) putting this in their top three, ahead of third-placed climate change and fourth-placed health.

On Friday night Mr Sunak, the former chancellor, also issued a statement to mark the end of voting, saying: “I have been humbled to meet so many thousands of our brilliant members and activists over the past six weeks.

“We’ve had important debates about the challenges ahead, but I fully believe that we can come together, get through those challenges and build a brighter, better future for our country.”

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