Football Manager 2023 – Release date prediction, latest news and more

Football Manager 2023 is one of the most anticipated sports games of the year – so there’s never been a better time to take a look at what could be in store. 

It is yet to be announced, but we are pretty certain we will see the football sim again this November.

Let’s take a look at what we know so far. 

Football Manager 2023: Release date prediction

Looking back at the previous games, it’s safe to say a November release date would be likely. By that time, a few months of European football have taken place.

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Traditionally, Sports Interactive announces the release date in September, with a BETA often made available in October for people who have pre-ordered the game.

Football Manager 2023: Expected platforms 

FM22 was initially released on Steam for MacOS and Windows. This was then followed by the touch version of the game on mobile and the Nintendo Switch. 

The game was then made available on Xbox’s Game Pass, and could well return again this year. It followed a 14 year absence from the console. 

There is still no news about if the game will come to PlayStation, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Football Manager 2022
Football Manager 2022 game went down a storm with fans so Sports Interactive will look to build on that success

Football Manager 2023: Expected new features

We are still unsure on what to expect from Football Manager 2023, however there will of course be some tweaks and updates to the football sim. 

Studio director Miles Jacobson all but confirmed women’s football will be added to the game, after years of rumours circulating about its inclusion.

Who knows? We’ve already Juventus return to EA’s FIFA 23, so this may even be the year we see the Italian giants back in Football Manager after a prolonged absence.

Football Manager 2023: Expected price

Football Manager 2023 is expected to follow the same pricing structure as last year’s game. 

FM22 was £39.99/$54.99 on Steam. There is a 10% discount for people who pre-order the game. 

The Xbox version is available via the Game Pass subscription service.

FM Touch on the Switch cost £29.99/$39.99, while the mobile version was £8.99/$8.99. 

There is nothing to indicate this will change for Football Manager 2023, but this will be updated once we know more.

Sports Interactive should release a beta for FM23 – as they did last year for Football Manager 2022. It tends to land a couple of weeks before the full game comes out.

The Football Manager 2022 Beta arrived for PC and Mac on October 20 – so if history is anything to go by, we are likely to see the Football Manager 2023 beta arrive around that time.

The beta was available on Steam, the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store.

If it’s anything like last year – and if it goes ahead, the beta will be available for those who have purchased from a SEGA-approved digital retailer. 

As was the case with previous betas, if the FM 2023 beta does go ahead, any progress made in Career Mode can be carried over to the full game.

As an extra incentive, Sports Interactive offered 10% off FM 2022 and Beta Early Access – which we hope will be repeated again this year.

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