Every Far Cry Game, Ranked According To Metacritic

Even though the studio has way more Assassin’s Creed games, the exotic third-person shooter has been running longer, and it’ll catch up to the historical game series, as reports have suggested Far Cry 7 is in the works. The Far Cry franchise is one of Ubisoft’s tentpole series, and it’s unique in the developer’s catalog of games.

While it has many of Ubisoft’s typical features, the tropical setting of the games, the neverending customization options, and the three-dimensional characters make it more engaging than the developer’s other series. It just goes to show how reputable the series is that it doesn’t have a single game under the 70 mark on Metacritic.


9 Far Cry: New Dawn (2019) – 71

There was such a fast turnaround between Far Cry 5 and Far Cry: New Dawn, and that’s because the game takes place in the same location, Hope County, Montana. While it’s completely reimagined, the map is mostly the same, and it features the same gameplay mechanics too, such as customizable weapons and capturing outposts.

While that’s always fun, it’s a formula that hadn’t been changed for so long, and its age is felt when roaming around a very familiar open world. Some thought that New Dawn should have been sold as DLC rather than a full-priced standalone game. However, the game does expand on the story of Far Cry 5, which is its biggest selling point, as it takes place 17 years later and survivors are attempting to rebuild the town.

8 Far Cry 6 (2021) – 73

Ubisoft heavily marketed Far Cry 6, including casting Giancarlo Esposito, who is known for playing villains, as the evil dictatorial president of Caribbean Island Yara. However, the game was a letdown on most fronts, and even though the franchise is known for its theatrical antagonists, casting a well-known Hollywood actor as the villain lost some of its charm.

Far Cry 6 was considered a disappointment by critics, as the game didn’t do anything new, and though that’s been the case for years, the marketing had people believe otherwise, especially as it was one of the first major games of the newest console generation. Nevertheless, just like all Far Cry releases, the game is endlessly playable with so much to explore in Yara, especially as Ubisoft has delivered so much DLC, including Vaas: Insanity, which saw the return of Vaas, the best villain of the entire franchise.

7 Far Cry Primal (2016) – 76

Far Cry’s gameplay has always followed the same style as other Ubisoft games, but Far Cry Primal completely changed that style. The 2016 release didn’t have the military or huge armies to defeat but hostile tribes. The game was instead set in the Prehistoric era and had players roaming around nature and fighting with spears and clubs instead of machine guns.

Despite its exciting premise and a fresh approach to a series that hadn’t changed its formula in years, it still has the same gameplay, such as taking over enemy outposts. And as it’s all stripped down, there’s hardly any customization and the result is far less of a sandbox-type game. What’s worse is that Eurogamer discovered that Ubisoft secretly used the same map as Far Cry 4, which didn’t fool gamers for long.

6 Far Cry 5 (2018) – 81

With a couple of exceptions, all the Far Cry games are great, and Far Cry 5 is another brilliantly satirical first-person action game with a detailed open world that the franchise continued to nail since Far Cry 3. But the game was way more on the nose than any previous entry.

The 2018 game is the first Far Cry release to take place in the United States. With its storyline about an evil cult leader who has taken over the country, it’s surprisingly politically driven too. It again isn’t very innovative in terms of gameplay, but the storyline is the most entertaining and engaging of any Far Cry release. As most open-world games take place in the US, especially in San Francisco, Ubisoft’s approach to an open-world US town is one of the most unique.

5 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (2013) – 82

No budget-priced glorified DLC has the right to be as good as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The 2013 game doesn’t really have anything in common with the 2012 release when it comes to the narrative, but it uses the same mechanics as Far Cry 3 and delves into the more fantastical elements that show up in the last half of the game. The retro-futuristic parody/homage of 80s sci-fi movies captured what gamers love so much about arcade gaming.

The playable character is clearly modeled off the T800 in The Terminator, and he battles dinosaurs that shoot lasers from their eyes. Blood Dragon is only a few hours long, but it’s even better than half of the other major releases in the series. An anime based on Blood Dragon is currently in development, and if manages to capture the magic of the game, it’ll be one of the most one-of-a-kind animes of the 21st century.

4 Far Cry 2 (2008) – 85

Far Cry 2 has a surprisingly high score despite its departure from the original game. The game has the same premise as every other game in the series, as the player is dropped into an exotic location where two different groups are fighting for territory with one being way more militant and authoritarian than the other. But the tone is completely different, which could have left most fans disappointed.

The 2008 game is much darker than the first Far Cry and a lot more realistic too, and though it influenced some hilarious memes, they’re the only funny thing about it. But it still plays extremely well, and it feels refreshingly different, as it doesn’t feature all the same gameplay styles that are prevalent in every Ubisoft-developed game. Far Cry 2 is the most unique game in the franchise given its one-of-a-kind East African setting, storytelling, and tone.

3 Far Cry 4 (2014) – 85

Following Far Cry 3, which was a major overhaul in the series, Ubisoft applied all the same gameplay mechanics and tone to the sequel. Far Cry 4 is just as satirical, colorful, and exotic, and it tried to one-up the overly theatrical Vaas with the new villain too. It might be an unpopular opinion, but some think antagonist Pagan Min is the best villain, and with his purple suits and frosted tips, he’s the most stylish at the very least.

But the game is just as sinister as it is funny, as the civil war in the Himilayan country Kyrat leads to some of the most stomach-churning sequences. It has a grander sense of scope too, as the open world was much more detailed and gave players a greater sense of freedom, and Far Cry 4 is the only game after Far Cry 3 that has achieved such a thing.

2 Far Cry (2004) – 89

There’s a reason why the franchise didn’t totally take off until Far Cry 3, as the original game was exclusive to PC. When it got a console version in the form of Far Cry Instincts a couple of years later, it was a truncated version, as the PC game was too big to fit on a console disc. However, the PC gamers who have played it know how envelope-pushing it was.

Far Cry was one of the most elaborately created AAA third-person adventure games, and it started a formula that Ubisoft has rarely strayed from in the almost 20 years since. As the game is so great but so few console gamers have played it, the 2004 release should be remastered or even get a complete remake. Remakes are so popular at the minute and Far Cry needs them more than any other.

1 Far Cry 3 (2012) – 90

The original Far Cry was one of the most inventive first-person shooters ever and Blood Dragon was a wacky pleasant surprise, but nothing beats Far Cry 3. Every single inch of the exotic world is wonderfully detailed, whether it’s a hula girl on a vehicle’s dashboard or other unique touches at outposts. Everything is designed in a way to make gamers believe that Rook Islands is a living, breathing place and that every NPC has its own personal quirks.

On top of the atmosphere, the customization options are endless, and Vaas has left his mark in gaming history as one of the greatest villains of all time. Even though he had a rather unexciting return in Vaas: Insanity, Far Cry 6 hinted that he survived and that he’ll be back for Far Cry 7.

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