Embark Studios Announces New Free-To-Play FPS With Destructible Environments

Embark Studios, a new development studio founded by former DICE and EA executive Patrick Söderlund, is currently working on two new games. One is a co-op robot shooter called Arc Raiders which was announced at last year’s The Game Awards and was recently delayed in favor of its other game, a free-to-play FPS with destructible environments called The Finals which was unveiled during Gamescom 2022’s opening show earlier this week.

The Finals looks to be a competitive shooter with a game show theme which is far from unique as far as multiplayer shooters are concerned. What sets it apart from the pack is that players will have the ability to reshape the battleground to fit their needs. “If you think something will work, it probably will,” touts Embark.

Players will battle it out in virtual arenas inspired by iconic real-world locations that they can “alter, exploit, and even destroy in chaotic PvP matches.” It’s still unclear as to how much of the environment can be destroyed but the teaser video below offers a brief glimpse of crumbling walls and flying furniture. In any case, we’ll get to find out what degree of destruction and mayhem we’ll be allowed to do and what type of shooter it will be when Embark drops more information on the upcoming game and kicks off its first limited playtest in September.

Signups for the upcoming playtest are now open on Steam. The official Steam page still has the games launch date at “Coming Soon” although the fact that Arc Raiders has been pushed back to 2023 to focus on the first-person shooter might mean that there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing The Finals arrive by the end of the year.

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