Destiny 2’s Tower Lag Situation Has Become Untenable

While I’m not sure if this is worth an entire article, I felt like I had to mention it all the same, as even with all the other improvements being made to Destiny 2, one thing is falling way, way behind.

The Tower, the game’s main social space, is becoming an almost untenable place to visit at this point. It seems as if every season, the menu lag within the Tower gets worse and worse and now we’ve reached a point where most players will actively avoid the Tower if they can, opting to instead pull bounties from the online app or go to their postmaster or vault in the solo instanced HELM instead.

The problem is that the game has slowed to a stutter when it comes to checking your menus or trying to perform actions within them at the Tower. The most obvious time this comes up is when trying to do transmog with ornaments or trying to apply or preview shaders. But even just…opening your character menu can result in some serious lag, in addition to the increased load times to even get to the Tower in the first place, where the game now often spits out *everyone* loading into the Tower at the exact same moment.

This is a problem for Destiny if literally the main social hub of the game is the place where it is the least efficient to customize your character or perform other actions. I don’t know what precisely is causing this, but it’s become enough of an issue where every single player has noticed it, and started avoiding the Tower when they can.

Bungie has talked a lot about maintaining the overall health of the game, which is why they started the practice of content vaulting in the first place, removing huge chunks of the game and lots of content in order to keep it a manageable size, upgrade the engine and maintain performance. And while these issues are not nearly as prevalent in other places in the game (though some level of lag persists in other zones), the Tower is an exception where things can just be absurd.

The problem is that this is almost never talked about and there does not seem to be a timetable on a fix for whatever is going on here. Bungie wants players to spend more time in the game itself rather than third party apps, but that’s a difficult demand when things like switching gear or pulling bounties are more efficiently done outside the game when this is the current state of the Tower. And again, it feels like it’s only getting worse season after season.

I do hope this can be resolved at least by Lightfall, when there will be other major changes to the game, as there are with each new expansion. Destiny is a social game with perilously few true social spaces. The Tower being a place you hate to go is not good for the health of the game, and I hope that can be rectified.

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