Classic MMO Game Tibia Is Getting an Upgrade After 25 Years

The gift of sound after a quarter of a century.

Classic MMO game
Image is taken from the classic MMO game Tibia

It is always nice when some of our favorite games from back in the day come back into the public eye after so long. How about one better though, let’s say one of your childhood favorites was given a superb new upgrade after all this time, now wouldn’t that be something? It is now a reality because one of the oldest MMO games around is finally getting an important new feature on its 25th birthday. It has been announced by CipSoft that its classic MMO game Tibia will be getting a new sound update that will arrive next week – so, for all those lives that were ruined by this game, maybe it’s time to delve back in for another round of torture.

Inevitably, there will be some people out there that aren’t familiar with this classic MMO game, but it’s okay because we are here to remind you about every detail. Tibia was developed by German video game developer CipSoft way back in 1997, even before the likes of RuneScape and Everquest were ever a thing. This might not be the first MMORPG of all time, but it’s one of the very few online games of its era that is still running today.

For those of you who do know about this game, you will be aware that for the 25 years Tibia has existed, it has had no sound effects or music. However, earlier this year the developers revealed that would all change, and that an update was being worked on and should hit the game at some point in the future. CipSoft even created a video to accompany the news and it came with a small clip of several noises and sounds that can be heard during one of the in-game battles – you can check it out in the birthday video below.

A video that was released by the studio behind Tibia with all the announcement news.

When is this ground-breaking update landing then? The developers have confirmed that the update will be arriving in the game on September 27, and it will come with a whole bunch of options for how players want to play these sounds.

In a statement regarding the news, the German studio said, “It was crucial for us to provide you with choices, to give you various options to customize your own sound experience, to decide which sounds you want to hear and which you might want to mute. It will allow players to set the pace at which they want to explore this new and fresh aspect of Tibia.

To the outsiders, the people who have never played this game, the news of simply including sound and music might sound a little basic, but for the long-time fans, those loyal people who have been affected by this classic MMO game, it is something very exciting. Just think about it: if you’ve spent 25 years – or any lengthy period of time for that matter – playing this game in complete silence, maybe even creating your own sounds in your head, then this will be a very weird, but awesome experience.


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