Children of the Worm DLC Launch Trailer Revealed

Back 4 Blood: Children of the Worm is the newest upcoming DLC expansion for Back 4 Blood, the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead 2, and it is coming sooner than you think. The recent launch trailer shows new gameplay footage of what players can come to expect when it launches tomorrow. Given the mixed reactions to Back 4 Blood’s last DLC, Tunnels of Terror, developers are likely hoping to win back fans who were previously disappointed. The lack of substantial new content was notably cited among the loudest complaints. Children of the Worm aims to fix that by adding an entirely new Act to the game.

Acts typically consist of a handful of levels featuring different environments, objectives, and unique gameplay mechanics. These operate similarly to the Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns. Each act culminates with a boss fight aimed to challenge even the most experienced player. Teamplay has always been a strong component in surviving each level. With new enemies, maps, and objectives to contend with, this likely will not change moving forward.

What to expect in Back 4 Blood Children of the Worm

The Turtle Rock Studios’ own product description for the Back 4 Blood: Children of the Worm DLC sets high hopes.

“Ready for a new Act? Children of the Worm has 6 brand-new chapters along with a new Cleaner, 8 exclusive character skins, 12 exclusive weapon skins, new weapons, accessories, and cards. Recent reports describe an alarming rise of attacks on survivors along the coast of the Kanowa River. While the motivation of attacks remains unknown, these disturbing events share a common thread–assailants ambush unsuspecting groups, dragging away some victims and brutally butchering the rest. To help combat this unknown adversary is the new arrival “Prophet” Dan. He’s an Irish, gun-toting, self-proclaimed preacher of the end times, whose mission is to save his flock that was taken by this new enemy.”

Considering that the end of the world is neigh, having a prophet on your team might not be a bad idea. That said, the focus on weapon skins and accessories here is a bit disappointing. Being able to customize your looks might be cool in most games, but not all. In a game that presents an otherwise more grounded and gritty take on the zombie formula, being able to dress up as schoolgirls or baseball players feels starkly out of place. Someone needs to tell Turtle Rock Studios that simply throwing everything at the wall isn’t always a great idea. Tonal consistency exists for a reason.

Back 4 Blood: Children of the Worm releases tomorrow, Tuesday, August 30th, 2022.

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