10 Naruto characters who wouldn’t last a day in Dragon Ball-verse

Within the power-scaling community, the two series which are compared and contrasted with an astounding frequency are Naruto and Dragon Ball. This is somewhat unsurprising, considering the two franchises are some of the most internationally popular anime and manga to be released in recent history, let alone of all time.

While the top ends of both these series can be incredibly fun and challenging to power scale, the other end remains less debatable. Especially when discussing Naruto’s weakest characters taking on even the easiest combatants of Dragon Ball’s universe, things get ugly very quickly for the former series’ ninjas.

On that note, here are 10 Naruto characters who wouldn’t last a day in the Dragon Ball universe, ranked in no particular order.

List of civilians and non-combatants from Naruto who wouldn’t last a day in Dragon Ball-verse

1) Tenten

Kicking off the list is Naruto’s punching bag, Tenten, who unfortunately shows no impressive skills. This suggests that she won’t be suitable to take on nearly any threat in Dragon Ball’s universe. Her major technique of fighting includes the use of hidden weapon jutsus from her open scrolls, which launch dozens of bladed weapons at her enemies.

While a neat party trick, it’s rarely shown to be effective on enemies within her own series, let alone it would affect those from other universes. Even Krillin would be able to counter and deal with such a simple attack plan, resulting in Tenten being one of the most definitive candidates for this list.

2) Mizuki

Mizuki is a one-and-done character whom fans will remember from Naruto’s pilot episode. There, he convinces Naruto to steal a scroll containing a forbidden jutsu before attempting to claim the scroll for himself.

However, things don’t go as Mizuki had planned, as his night ends up with him being defeated by a hundred clones of the titular nhero. Considering Mizuki’s defeat at the hands of the most inexperienced version of Naruto, it’s clear that he’s incredibly weak, and wouldn’t last anything close to a day in the Dragon Ball universe.

3) Iruka Umino

(5/26) Happy Birthday to the amazing Iruka Umino, thank you for always being there for Naruto. 🎉 https://t.co/1UtHVxFrXv

Iruka Umino is yet another character whom fans meet in the pilot episode of the series. He’s also shown to be overpowered by Mizuki when he goes to confront his fellow villager and save Naruto, which is what pushes the titular hero into using the Shadow Clone Jutsu to save the day.

However, with his combat skills being implied here as weaker than Mizuki’s, it’s a safe bet that Iruka would not last a day in the Dragon Ball universe. There are very few battle scenes or combat contributions to talk about when gaging his strength, likely making this assessment a fairly accurate one.

4) Dosu Kinuta

Dosu Kinuta is one of the Hidden Sound Village shinobi who participated in the Chunin Exams in Naruto. While he wins the fight against an inexperienced and terrified Choji, he unfortunately doesn’t make it to the next round. Unsurprisngly, he gets killed by Gaara after the former attempts to assassinate the One Tails jinchuriki.

Moreover, there isn’t a large amount of combat data to judge Dosu’s strength on. But given how little of a fight he gave Gaara, he’s fairly weak and won’t be able to beat even the dregs of Dragon Ball’s universe.

5) Ebisu

Alright Ebisu-sensei, I see you. Putting up some fight. 🔥Ep 161: Naruto Shippuden, 10:49 https://t.co/wQzoPU8XCW

Like Iruka, Ebisu is one of the Hidden Leaf’s shinobi instructors who teaches the next generation of ninjas in Naruto. Also, like his colleague, there is a sparse amount of combat data on his strength assessment. There is also a moment in the series when he confronts one of the Six Paths of Pain, but he’s soon saved by his student, Konohamaru.

As a result, many fans suspect his instructorial position, which further suggests that he is an incredibly weak character. As with many mentioned in this list, it’s doubtful he could even beat the weakest of the Dragon Ball’s fighters.

6) White Zetsu

White Zetsu’s main task in Naruto was to be a spy, sneaking past enemy lines with ease and gathering intel without ever being discovered. While there are White Zetsu clones which fight in combat, the original one is never seen participating in battles.

As a result, it’s a fair assumption that he’s incredibly weak, especially considering the lengths he goes to in order to avoid combat. Unfortunately for him, it’s highly possible that anyone from the Dragon Ball would be able to defeat White Zetsu easily.

7) Karin Uzumaki

Credited as one of only three living Uzumaki clan members in Naruto, Karin has been shown multiple times to have no combat skills or battle experience throughout the series. Her main role is that of a healer, with others biting into her skin to absorb her chakra and instantly be healed.

Like Iruka, Ebisu, and Mizuki, she’s simply lacks in combat experience to solo the Dragon Ball universe. Unsurprisingly, she’d even lose to a young Pan, who is seen training with Piccolo and being exceptionally skilled in combat throughout the series.

8) Tazuna

Appearing incredibly early on in the series during the Land of Waves arc, Tazuna is the bridge-building grandfather whom Team 7 was assigned to protect. He’s shown to have no combat experience or skills whatsoever, leaving all of the fighting throughout the arc in the hands of Kakashi and his students.

Considering his age and inherent aversion to combat situations, he’s likely one of the weakest characters in the entire series. It’s a fair assumption that placing him in the Dragon Ball universe would see him reach a similar standing in terms of strength. Naturally, this would result in him not lasting a day in the action-packed universe of Dragon Ball.

9) Teuchi

sometimes i remember that our ramen shop king teuchi passed away in boruto already and i get super sad…. this legend kept naruto fed for years i know he’s in heaven https://t.co/crBHnzvEEV

More commonly known as “ramen shop guy” to many Naruto fans, Teuchi is the owner of Ichiraku Ramen in the Hidden Leaf village. Many will likely remember him from the time Naruto spent at his shop. But it is strange that fans never saw him in any battles, which proves that he might just be a regular civilian of Konoha.

Moreover, it can be safely deduced that he has no training experience as a shinobi. Expectedly, this would also imply that he has no fighting experience or strength, which would result in his failure to last less than a day competing against the Dragon Ball’s combatants.

10) Ayame

More commonly known as “ramen shop guy’s daughter” to Naruto fans, Ayame is Teuchi’s daughter who helps him run the shop throughout the series. Later on, she ends up inheriting the shop in Boruto. Like her father, she’s never shown or stated to have combat experience or training in any capacity throughout the main series, leading fans to assume that she is also a civilian.

Even if she were to go against the Dragon Ball’s female fighters, she’d likely crash and burn since she has no definitive training or experience to speak of. Unless information regarding her training feats from her past is revealed in Boruto, she would hardly be able to hold her ground against anyone from the Dragon Ball universe.

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