10 Most Liked Characters In Isekai Anime

Episode 8 of the popular new isekai anime, My isekai Life, aired Monday 15th August on Hidive. Overlord’s season 4 also recently joined Crunchyroll’s summer lineup. The isekai anime genre is clearly trending, as new titles like Reincarnated as a Sword are also set to release soon and populate the genre catalog.

The most loved characters in isekai are usually protagonists, like any other genre. But the competition is challenging as it is a mainly defined genre with the same setting: a new fantasy world. Isekai characters are often overpowered and cunning, but some are liked for much more than just their powers.


Ainz Ooal Gown: Overlord

The most powerful magic caster in the world, Ainz Ooal Gown is the protagonist of the Overlord series. Unlike other famous isekai protagonists, Ainz felt himself becoming cold after being transferred to the New World and becoming an undead. However, Everything he does is to advance himself and learn new magic for the New World.

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He is ambitious and constantly seeks opportunities to help Nazarick, even outside the tomb. He is committed to his friends and the NPCs they have made and when he is in charge of his fervent followers, he displays a certain amount of nobility.

Shiroe: Log Horizon

It is not new for isekai protagonists to become completely new selves after entering new worlds. However, Shiroe did not change and only embraced his true self. He appears socially awkward, but he cares about people. Having a soft spot for beginners like Touya and Minori is proof of his helping nature despite being exploited for his expertise in the game, multiple times.

Shiroe is an introvert, socially awkward, and restrained hero, which is not a common trait among anime protagonists. But the world of Log horizon would fall apart if he had not formed the guild. He is almost like a savior, but he upholds his humility.

Tanya Von Degurechaff: Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Despite being only nine years old, Tanya is diligent, assertive, and known as one of the best isekai female protagonists. While this might be because she was previously a 23-year-old man, she still has a bundle of abilities. Her libertarian viewpoints also have an impact on the audience.

Tanya isn’t afraid to own up to her mistakes. Even though she is called evil, she helps her classmates when they get detention and offers to help them study better. Being loaded with immense magical power, Tanya understands her responsibilities and stands as a capable leader. However, she is also ruthless, calculating, and cold.

Satou Kazuma: KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World

As is a usual isekai trope, Satou develops a new personality to survive in the fantasy world. However, his journey is inspiring as he voluntarily chose to have a new life where he wants to do things differently. From being an isolated, lazy student who always skipped school to an adventurer risking his life every day, Satou came a long way.

Satou’s kind heart and heroic attributes came to the forefront in the new fantasy world. He became more outgoing and even reliable at critical moments. KonoSuba is also one of the funniest isekai anime, thanks to Satou’s sarcasm. He plans, leads the group, and goes to any extent to help his team, although he still enjoys being lazy when he is rich.

Sadao Maou: The Devil Is A Part-Timer

Who can be more humble than a devil working at MgRonald’s as a part-time employee? Sadao was a gentle leader who tried to minimize death and damage as much as possible as the devil king. He strived for the survival of the demon race, but he still had respect for human society.

There are many things to be learned from Sadao. He is understanding, kindhearted, and has a positive attitude towards his work. He is open to change and embraces his new life so much that he is popular among his colleagues and neighbors. He acts humanly, even though he is Satan himself and is a fan-favorite character in The Devil is a Part-Timer.

Kirigaya Kazuto: Sword Art Online

Kazuto has a tragic past, as his parents died in a car crash a year after his birth. He found solace in video games and this led to him being chosen as a beta tester for the Sword Art Online game, only to find out it’s a death trap. Kazuto came out as a kind and emotional person in this new fantasy game world.

His expertise in the game is due to his confidence and extraordinarily tenacious resolve and he developed a lot as a person. His willingness to sacrifice himself to help others makes him the most likable character in Sword Art Online, but he also improved after the game, as he worked to make up for his past transgressions, such as mending his friendship with his cousin, Suguha.

Subaru Natsuki: Re: Zero

Natsuki has suffered a lot, and he still carries the shadow of his sufferings as his insecurities and inferiority complex. In Lugnica, he finally met people who accepted him for who he is. From being a person who constantly pushes people away to forming genuine relations with others, his journey is inspiring.

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Natsuki is prone to making irrational decisions, yet he is also protective of people who are important to him. As soon as he realizes the truth of his situation, he resolves to be faithful and help those he holds dear, no matter what. Natsuki is well-liked because he represents a real person rather than a pristine, superhuman hero.

Sora: No Game No Life

Because of his difficult upbringing, Sora lacks enthusiasm for life and focuses solely on video games. But after moving in with his step-sister, the two grew close and can’t be apart. Sora is sly, cunning, and arrogant, but he’s also assured, fearless, and guarding.

He is not a saintly person, but it’s adorable to see how he adores his sister and becomes a complete mess if they are separated. While being protective of her, he sees her as his teammate and even looks up to her. He also shows concern for his friends and allies, as seen when he felt guilty for making Steph cry by disparaging her grandfather.

Rimuru Tempest: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

As an overpowered hero, Rimuru decided to use his powers for community building instead of personal gain. He is a reincarnation of a 37-year-old regular salaryman, but has a childish nature. Although he has strong human ethics, he’s ruthless while handling people who upset him.

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Rimuru values his reputation and will go to any lengths to project an image of kindness. But despite that, he deeply cares for his subordinates, viewing them as family. He is constantly analyzing, planning, and weighing the benefits and drawbacks of his activities. He takes logical decisions rather than emotional ones.

Naofumi Iwatani: The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Naofumi’s experiences in the new world turned him distrustful and cynical about life. However, he learned to mask his anger and hostility behind a calm and level-headed personality to fulfill his duties as the Shield Hero. He is a pragmatist and does not shy away from taking unconventional measures to meet his goals.

Despite being accused as a criminal and receiving hate from the kingdom, Naofumi did not turn evil. He purchases slaves only to give them a better life and independence, and he treated Raphtalia’s deadly illness and taught her to fight. Naofumi is humble and he even fixes the issues that the other three heroes create or exacerbate.

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