10 Best Anime To Watch Alone

Japanese anime series come in all cinematic genres and moods. Action-packed series like Dragon Ball and Pokémon are fun to watch with friends, such as a group of kids cheering on Ash Ketchum, and intellectually deep and challenging series encourage viewers to watch them together and discuss what they just saw.

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Meanwhile, other anime series are best watched alone. A solo viewer can get comfortable in their living room or bedroom and watch an easygoing anime at their own pace, with nothing but themselves and the show for company. This may sound lonely at first, but then again, everyone needs their alone time, and while these shows are great, but there’s not much to discuss about them with a friend. A solo viewer will get the full experience all on their own.

10 Laid-Back Camp Is An Outdoor Adventure

Laid-Back Camp is a charming seinen anime series that belongs to the unofficial “iyashikei” subgenre, describing any anime series that has a gentle, almost therapeutic tone. Anime series like Laid-Back Camp have minimal drama and action, but they do have cuddly characters and gorgeous visuals.

This particular series is all about the joy of camping. The main characters, mostly high school girls, tour Japan’s countryside to learn the ways of camping, cook exotic foods, and stare in wonder at the natural landmarks of their nation’s wilderness.

9 Love Is Like A Cocktail Feels So Intimate

Love is Like a Cocktail is a very short and sweet anime series, making it a fine show for someone to watch by themselves after a long day at work or at college. The show also has a tiny cast of relatable characters, meaning the viewer almost feels like they’re a part of the show themselves.

This anime stars the hardworking Chisato Mizusawa, who comes home every evening to find a new mixed drink that her stay-at-home husband thoughtfully made for her. It’s a classic tale of domestic bliss that any solo viewer can enjoy for an evening.

8 After The Rain Is An Unusual Romance/Drama Series

After the Rain is a romance/drama series with some gentle humor thrown in to create an emotionally balanced experience for any anime viewer who wants a cozy, intimate anime to watch on a rainy afternoon. It’s not an iyashikei series, but it does have a comforting and optimistic tone.

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After the Rain tells the tale of a high school girl named Akira Tachibana who fell for her middle-aged manager, and by embracing her one-sided love, she might finally rekindle her love of running track and overcome her ankle injury at last. Also, Akira’s self-healing might inspire her manager to rekindle his own passion for literature.

7 Aharen-San Is Indecipherable Is Gently Funny

Some laugh-out-loud comedy series are best watched in a group so friends can laugh together and make funny comments about the episode they just watched. Meanwhile, gentler humor series like Aharen-San is Indecipherable are just as appealing when watched alone.

This anime is a high school rom-com featuring the quiet kuudere Reina Aharen and her amusing everyday adventures with her new friend, Raido. Aharen-San has some solid rom-com elements and more than a little visual comedy to show how expressive these characters can be under their cool exteriors.

6 Eromanga Sensei Is An Acquired Taste

Eromanga Sensei is one of those anime series that might turn off some viewers, but fans of this particular brand of comedy should have fun with it. For that reason, a fan of anime like Eromanga Sensei might want to watch these series alone so their friends or roommates don’t get weirded out by it.

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This PG-13 anime is all about the shy Sagiri Izumi, a tween girl who draws erotic illustrations, and her collaborations with her stepbrother, the light novelist Masamune. It’s already a wacky relationship, and things will get even weirder when more girls enter the picture, too.

5 Blue Period Feels Intensely Personal

People often imagine artists as tortured lone geniuses, and even if that’s just a stereotype, it’s true that an anime about art such as Blue Period makes for good solo viewing. This is especially true for artistically-inclined anime fans who want a TV show that will speak to them.

Blue Period feels quite personal, following the life of Yatora and his quest to become an expert painter and make up for lost time. He must dig deep within his own creative soul to create true art, and he often spends his time trapped in his own world for all the right reasons. A solo anime viewer might relate to that.

4 I Want To Eat Your Pancreas Is A Tear-Jerker

Some movie and TV fans don’t mind crying in front of other viewers when something really sad happens in the show, but other fans would rather shed dramatic tears in private if they can help it. So, the romantic drama movie I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is ideal for solo viewing.

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This heartbreaking anime movie stars a nameless boy and his new friend Sakura, a lively girl who’s secretly dying from a pancreatic condition. The movie has a cozy and intimate feel, but near the end, the tears are sure to come, and perhaps anime fans don’t want to be caught in the act.

3 TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Is Domestic Bliss

Some anime romances take an entire season to develop. Others take just minutes. In the charming rom-com TONIKAWA, the two main characters meet and get married in the very first episode, with Nasa Yuzaki falling in love with Tsukasa after she saved him from Truck-kun’s wrath.

The entire anime is a gentle exploration of domestic bliss for two young adults, and there really isn’t much here for a group of viewers to discuss or debate. Instead, TONIKAWA is an easygoing domestic bliss story perfect for a solo viewer who needs to unwind in peace.

2 Senryu Girl Is Like A Mental Massage

Senryu Girl is a short but lovely slice-of-life anime series that’s like Komi Can’t Communicate‘s more obscure twin. This cozy, intimate anime series is perfect for any anime fan who needs time alone to relax, unwind, and get a mental massage after a stressful day.

The heroine is Nanako Yukishiro, a kind but silent girl who only speaks through poems she writes on a board that she carries around. She soon befriends the ex-delinquent Eiji, and they, together with some mutual friends, have a wholesome time exploring everyday life together.

1 Wolf Children Is Relaxing To Watch Alone

Wolf Children is an anime movie with some dramatic elements, but for the most part, it is a comforting and cheerful animated feature based on the manga of the same name. It tells the tale of the college student Hana, who meets a handsome man who happens to be a werewolf.

Hana soon has a half-wolf son and daughter with her lover, and she must raise them as a single mother in the rustic Japanese countryside. It’s not easy, but the optimistic Hana is up to the challenge and absolutely loves her two children. They’ll make this happy life work out, one way or another.

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